Server Administration

Note: Unless stated otherwise all file paths are relative to the server installation (root) directory, e.g. Nesstar-Server-4.xx.

The main configuration settings are defined in the file ./config/ This serves as a single point of entry to the most essential properties of your server. Further configuration files can be found in the ./config/instdata directory. To configure your server, run the batch file configure in the server ./bin directory (or follow the shortcut on the start menu in Windows). This will launch the Nesstar Server Configuration Tool. After having changed your properties, clicking on [Apply settings] will install the new properties and re-start the server. You can also perform other tasks, such as defining your security settings and restarting the server, from the configuration tool.

Please note that:


Starting and stopping

For Windows

If you chose to install short cuts as default during installation (Windows only) you can use these to start and stop the Nesstar server. They are usually located in the server installation directory and the start menu. You can also use the Configuration Tool to start and stop your Server and launch the server welcome page.

If you installed your server (and/or MySQL) as an NT Service (Windows only), these can be started and stopped via

Please note that:
Alternatively, you can use the batch file run  or launch in the server ./bin directory to start your server in a command window. To stop your server either press control-c in the active command window (or close the command window) or use the batch file stop in the server ./bin  directory
If you switch from command line to NT service - or vice-versa - for either the Server or MySQL, it is advised to run the ./bin/cleanup batch file first to make sure that existing services or demons are properly shut down. 
It is also possible to re-start the server remotely using the Object Browser Server Methods

For Linux

The server can be started and stopped in several ways:

Log files

The server maintains a number of log files in the <your.nesstar.server.>/log directory.

File name Contents of file
service.log Lists the date and time of each start and stop of the server
boot.log Logs only startup information from the jboss application server
executor.log Logs information on parsing your extension code, statistical data downloads, statistical cube access and statistical data analysis.
debug.log Contains information on all server activity including any error messages. Enabled only in debug mode.
error.log Logs nesstar error messages
keepalive.log Logs nesstar keep alive messages
parser.log Contains information on parsing your security policy
migration.log Logs the results of import server or export server activity.
localhost_access YYYY-MM-DD.log Logs web engine access