Nesstar Server Components

Configuration Tool

The Configuration Tool allows the Administrator to edit most of the server configuration properties and to perform basic administrative operations as starting/stopping the server.



User Management Tool

The User Management Tool allows you to create and manage user accounts. It can be accessed  by  http://<YOUR-SERVER>/admin/




The Nesstar WebView provides a convenient end-user, web-based, interface to the server contents. It can be accessed  by  http://<YOUR-SERVER>/webview/

The basic Nesstar WebView look and feel can be customised using the Configuration Tool.

More extensive customisation can be performed by directly modifying the Java Server Pages (JSP) sources held in the directory ./jboss/server/default/deploy/webview.war/.



Nesstar Server Status page

The Nesstar Server Status page AKA server welcome page gives the basic server status. If you are able to access this page then it confirms that the server is running. It can be accessed  by  http://<YOUR-SERVER>/nesstar/.