POLICYTITLE = "Restricted Publishing Only". /* Any user can view, analyze or download data. */ /* publisher can publish and remove objects. */ /* administrator can do any operation. */ HIERARCHY USERS publisher. administrator EXTENDS publisher. END HIERARCHY OBJECTS END HIERARCHY PROJECTS END HIERARCHY PURPOSES END HIERARCHY USE admin. Reboot EXTENDS admin. SaveFile EXTENDS admin. SaveWebFile EXTENDS admin. Shutdown EXTENDS admin. Update EXTENDS admin. modify. GetOrphans EXTENDS modify. Import EXTENDS modify. ImportBy EXTENDS modify. publish EXTENDS modify. AddDataFile EXTENDS publish. AddDataFileBy EXTENDS publish. AddDataset EXTENDS publish. ModifySchedule EXTENDS publish. PublishFile EXTENDS publish. addCube EXTENDS publish. addStudy EXTENDS publish. create EXTENDS publish. setAccessConditions EXTENDS publish. setDocAuthEntity EXTENDS publish. Delete EXTENDS modify. Remove EXTENDS Delete. RemoveStatement EXTENDS Delete. END RULES /* Only the administrator can do admin operations user CAN admin objects ONLY IF user = administrator. /* Only publisher can modify objects */ users CAN modify objects ONLY IF user = publisher. /* Gives access for all users to all operations not defined as admin or modify */ users CAN use objects.