Nesstar WebView

Nesstar WebView is a web-based system for the dissemination of data. It can be used to view data, including tabular (cube) data, and metadata that have been published using Nesstar Publisher and made available on a Nesstar Server. The client allows users to search for, locate, browse, analyse, and download a wide variety of statistical and related data within a web browser.

There is no need for specialised software and the program enables data held on a Nesstar Server to be viewed by anyone with a web browser. Nesstar WebView provides access to a wide range of resources (as part of a mainline web service) but includes specialist statistical functionality as well as access to metadata.

Nesstar WebView incorporates the following features:

Searching and Browsing

Analytical Tools

Data Access

Nesstar WebView is designed to be fully compliant with the DDI and is an integral component of the Nesstar Suite of software. Nesstar WebView is used to view data and metadata that have been published with Nesstar Publisher via a Nesstar Server.